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Aerial Photography & Videography


CAA 5307

Civil Aviation Autority Approved UAV Permission for Commercial Operation


Fully Insured

We carry full insurances for Public Liabilty & Profesional Indemnity


4K Footage

High resolution footage captured on dual control commercial drone

Why Consider Aerial Photography & Videography Services?

What are the benefits of the uses of UAVs and Drones.

Aerial photography & videography

The use of UAVs, or Drones as we know them by, is growing in popularity. The dynamic use of aerial imagery can be incorporated into all types of projects to add a different perspective. Seeing the ‘birds eye view’ can give you a real competitive advantage or provide you with a real wow factor.

Aerial footage works perfectly in terms of viewing property, it can be used for external tours, surrounding areas, displaying structures and viewing the land. This greatly improves the marketing opportunity when preparing for sale. The drone filming can be used to capture images that cannot be easily identified from the ground, as promotional material, data collection or repair requirements for agricultural land through to Stately Homes, Heritage Sites & Hotels

We also love to work with corporate film teams and offer inspiring shots from the sky, getting the footage that they can’t achieve. We work in partnership with film crews to achieve the results you want. However, we also work with Oomph Creative Agency ground crew to capture and provide you with a fully art directed, video service.

We have completed projects across multiple sectors for; property promotions, team days, football training, sporting events, wedding venues, weddings,  agricultural surveys, car dealerships, commercial fleet promotion, landscape and social media campaigns.




Aerial Surveys

UAV services can be used to survey the out of reach and out of site areas on property, infrastructure or land. We can work closely with Insurance Companies, Brokers, loss adjusters, individuals and land owners to ascertain the images required to determine any damage or state of a property or land required for monitoring, surveillance, maintenance, claims, data or restorative works.

The use of UAVs can provide a unique perspective and a cost and time effective solution to managing and documenting larger areas, supporting insurance claims or assessing out of reach equipment and property the requires maintenance inspection services.






All commercial flights are carried out in accordance with articles 94(5) and article 95(1) of the Air Navigation Order 2016. Flights will never exceed 400ft above surface level.

All pricing is subject to air permissions and in some cases where additional permissions are required subsequent document fees stand.

Upon enquiry we require a full address for flight location(s) and ideal dates for the shoot.

Additional Requirements

For 4K delivery or for editing services and post production requirements or to discuss our video services in full, please contact us on 01582 600600.

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If we didn’t answer all of your questions, or wish to work together on a project, please get in touch,

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