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Aira Digital Marketing Agency

Aira is a hugely successful digital marketing agency. The co-founders asked Oomph to create an identity that would enable them to bring together their knowledge and expertise into one place. With the creation of the name Aira, it made a very clear statement of intent. The organisation had to look and feel right, operating in a digital market where certain aspects of the offering are intangible, they wanted a simple ‘wordmark’ that would be approachable, friendly and professional.

Creating a mark right at the beginning of a journey is always very exciting. Oomph embarked on bringing their vision to life. The company operate globally, so this immediately brought a very different angle to the project, the identity had to sit comfortably firstly in the European market, followed by the US market, and then the rest of the world.

The finished logotype reflected the personality behind the organisation, moved the organisation seamlessly into the digital market, is friendly, approachable and recognisable.

This Project Included:

  • Bespoke font creation
  • Logotype design
  • Stationery collateral

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