Bullerwell initially contacted us about head shots for their office and after conversation we established what medium these were for. A website which was yet to be produced. After consulting Bullerwell we identified what there real need was, to establish a tone of voice.

We approached the project with thorough research into the industry and the common pitfalls that are encountered with it in the communications. From this we designed a tone of voice which aligned its self with the ethos of the office and worked with team members to ensure the company was accurately pitched to market.

From here we used this as a blueprint to direct the photography and design the website as well as create copy.

The clients outcome surpassed expectations as well as industry standards. The tone of voice hit the mark and resulted in quicker acquisitions of clients, thanks to the the trust already established through its external communications.


The project:

  • Reportage photography
  • Team head shots
  • Website design & programming
  • Social media platform design
  • Social media

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