Cameron’s made contact with Oomph, they were planning the launch of their new menu to coincide with the relaunch of new look restaurant following a complete refit. Cameron’s is a stunning restaurant in Stony Stratford offering beautiful cuisine and an award winning dinning experience. It was essential that we captured these elements within the photographs.

Oomph focused on the finer detail, the care and attention that is evident in every single dish. We wanted the food to be the star of the show, whilst engaging the ambient light and atmosphere of the restaurant. We could have taken the images in the studio, however, the dinning experience is an essential part of the food. Therefore, we made the decision to shoot on location.

The artistry of the food, the way it is presented, the carefully considered surroundings all lend themselves to the atmosphere of the food. The individual images draw you in to the dishes, grab your interest and make you salivate. The photographs accurately convey the high quality and market positioning of Cameron’s.

The project

  • Location photography
  • Food photography
  • Interior photography

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