Oomph created a photographic campaign to work with and promote our brand, products and services that totally surpassed our expectations. It has caused a real stir in our industry – receiving fantastic feedback. We, our clients and suppliers absolutely love the “Out Of The Ordinary” photographic concept. It is incredibly innovative, different and exciting. It makes people stop, look and then buy our products. We love it!

Chairplan Design & Manufacture


Chairplan had been designing and manufacturing seating solutions for over 15 years when Oomph were asked to look at freshening up the dated company image. The focus of the company was always on the customer, delivering their products on time and on budget. We needed to create an identity that reflected the design process, the build precision, their new ideas and forward momentum. We also needed a defined strategy to effectively promote their amazing products.

We wanted to give Chairplan a strong symbol, with e specifically designed typeface that underpinned the curves, angles and precise nature of their business. This is how we approached every aspect of this project, wanting to build a strong brand that would move in an upward direction, be noticed and attractive to both suppliers and dealers. The chairs are an object of beauty; they were however, not being communicated visually in this way. We wanted to change this, to turn what the consumer was seeing into a visually stimulating piece of art.

The ‘Out of the ordinary’ concept was born, and Chairplan bravely backed this idea. We use the word brave, because this turned ‘what had always happened here’ (industry wide) on its head. We were making the chairs feature in an environment that made them look sexy, sleek, funky, fun, architectural, etc. Gone was the office shot, the lounge shot, and the obvious. What arrived was chairs becoming the main event – no excuses. Suddenly Chairplan were being noticed, their profile was increasing and the market sector they were operating in was lifting them into an arena that understood design, encouraged product development and fully respected the manufacturing build process. Chairplan used this exciting visual vehicle in all communication collateral; rolling out the concept to all of their promotional collateral; brochures, posters, websites, social media and video.

Chairplan as an organisation was being noticed in the industry, being contacted by big blue chip companies to supply them with these quite stunning seating solutions. They achieve sole distribution rights on certain products and have continued this exciting project to develop their own range of soft seating. The Chairplan team was revitalised, the company refocused and the products are out of this world. It is now well on its way to joining the UK market leaders.

The project:

  • Design consultancy
  • Brand strategy creation
  • Font creation
  • Identity design
  • Photographic concept
  • Location photography
  • Studio photography
  • Social media platform design
  • Social media management
  • Film and Video

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