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I really enjoyed the full creative process employed by Oomph. Fire Elephant is a creative company that works in the corporate sector, we really needed a name that stood out from the crowd, with a logotype that would be viewed as exciting in the corporate arena, embraced and loved by the musicians. The clear strategy was to incorporate a professional outlook that would fit within the boardroom whilst being edgy enough to become a tattoo. We are absolutely delighted with the finished identity, and can confirm that the logo has indeed become a tattoo.

Fire Elephant

Fire Elephant

The music and entertainment industry is a notoriously tough environment to get noticed in. The first objective was to create an edgy, yet corporate company name. Once that had been created the next objective was to design an exciting identity that represented both the signed bands and the board of directors.

Oomph Created the name in partnership with the Managing Director Kevin Hall. It was essential that we provided an experience that would be exciting, fun, memorable and on-point. Due to the nature of the business sector we followed a method used by the Spanish surrealist filmmaker Luis Buñuel when he worked with surrealist Spanish painter Salvador Dali on the film ‘Un Chien Andelou’. The process was to create a name for the organisation that was not contrived or unduly influenced. We wanted the name to come from a ‘spark’ or a ‘moment’. Sitting in a cold, blank warehouse space, we had removed the influence of the immediate outside world. We had simplified everything so that all that remained inside the 4 walls was Kevin (MD) and me (designer). They sat back to back with reams of A4 paper and numerous coloured sharpie pens and simply wrote down single words as they entered their heads. Once the word was written it was immediately placed on the floor in the growing pile of paper. This process continued for over an hour until both felt that they had run out of words or felt  they had started to repeat them.

The next step was to turn over the hundreds of sheets of paper in twos, pairing the random words, only selecting the pairings that stood out. Despite writing for over an hour, the paired words were often lost in the bland or ordinary, until all of a sudden the pairings started to become interesting. It seemed that for the first while the individual brains were restricted by the mundane, once they had settled into the rhythm, they lost their inhibition and the unrestricted imagination really started to appear. The fun had really began. The pairings had both Kevin and I laughing, crying, bewildered and stunned. The select parings were eventually reduced to the final pairing of Fire Elephant – which had the excitement of unpredictability combining with strength and dependability.

Having created the name we now embarked on the task of bringing it to life. We recognised that we had to be sympathetic to the design of the elephant as it is a cultural symbol linked to worship and therefore we did not want to offend a potentially huge client base. Fire Elephant operated out of the UK, the acts travel the world so the eventual identity had to be globally appealing. The corporate identity had to take on a ‘split personality’, a design that would attract the corporate client as well as exciting the musicians, both buying into the brand. The identity was created in a style that could be worn on the skin in the form of a tattoo as well as being professionally represented in the board room.

The eventual outcome was hugely successful, it captured both elements perfectly. The mark was true to the strength and beauty of the elephant, whilst offering the excitement of its fiery personality. The benefit to the organisation was clear, we had forged an instantly recognisable name that could operate around the world, it was quirky, fun and serious all at the same time. The identity would fit in with both the performance and corporate aspect of the business in equal measure.

The Project:

  • Name creation
  • Bespoke font creation
  • Logotype Design
  • Stationery collateral
  • Social Media

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