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When the owners of this small independent workshop and MOT centre came to Oomph they already had big plans for the future. What they didn’t have was a clear strategy or even a name to move forward. The name was so important to the effective development of their organisation. Oomph suggested that they replace the current name with the family name of ‘Haynes’, which is a name that you are already proud of. This would help Haynes create an emotional connection and communicate to your target audience.

The initial purpose of the project was to create a fresh, clear and sector representative logotype. It was vitally important to
consider the trading history of the organisation when designing a new Haynes identity. We could then build on this firm foundation when designing the logotype to move the current model forward.

Oomph took the photography to help embed the ‘look and feel’ of this family run business. The Haynes Automotive Service Centre collateral started to take shape with the clearly defined logotype, combing the imagery and newly created colour palette, the stationery and mini brochure brought the whole project together.

The project:

  • Design consultancy
  • Name creation
  • Logotype design
  • Stationery collateral
  • On location photography
  • Mini promotional brochure
  • Social media platform design

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