We’ve been delighted with the re-branding of Office Innovation, following our decision to engage with an agency. We felt that Oomph understand who we are, our objectives and our market position. The journey has been really exciting and Oomph Creative Agency have thrown some really interesting thought processes at us to consider.

Oomph are fun to work with and never take “sorry we don’t like that” personally, we’ve never had ping pong balls thrown at us in any other meeting, ever! Oomph are not a supplier to our business they are our partners and we look forward to working with them more as our business grows.

Office Innovation

Office Innovation

When Office Innovation approached Oomph, they already had an identity and collateral, what they really wanted was consistency throughout all of their communication collateral. The initial contact was simply to consult and align the creative direction with the current business plan. The Office Innovation vision and mission was clearly defined and in place, what came from the research we carried out was the fact that although their service offer was cutting edge, the identity was not.

The organisation was very much liked by the consumer and the trust was in place. The brief became to marry up the consumer feeling with a fresh, simple and dynamic identity. We had to approach this carefully, the board were very much attached to their original identity, and we understand, if we are honest, no one really likes change. In addition there are 4 key aspects to the business and although they all interact in a Venn diagrammatic way, they were fundamentally very different products and services. The ‘quarters’ represent the different aspects of the business working together to form the strength of the whole organisation.

The starting point was the Office Innovation identity. From this point, we worked in partnership with the board of directors to build the brand and brand collateral. Oomph helped to align the visual communication to provide consistency for this already trusted brand.

The project:

  • Brand consultancy
  • Logotype design
  • Bespoke font creation
  • Full stationery collateral
  • Social media platform design

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