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I cant recommend the Oomph Creative team highly enough, their work is absolutely fantastic! They really made me think about my current business, current market position, where I want the business to be in the future. Oomph worked with me to understand my ethos, products, methodology, feel and vibe.

Having a clear strategy and a strong identity has taken my business to a new level. This might sound strange, but the newly designed logo has given me a new found confidence. When I go into see buyers now, I feel that I have a lot more to offer than simply products alone.



Outhouse is an independent furniture maker. The sole trader really prides himself on the ‘by hand’ aspect of his work. This is not a production line, it is a labour of love. The materials are a key aspect to the end product, carefully considered and well executed through various means.

The logotype had to reflect the creative and quirky side of the business. It also had to align itself with the ecology and natural element of the product, whilst making a strong visual impact on the shelves to attract the consumer. We designed a visual identity that truly reflected the personality, process and products of Outhouse.

In addition we helped to establish a portfolio of photographic imagery to support and communicate the amazingĀ  journey, love, care and attention that is given to each product. We then combined the new identity with the product and personality images to create the design for their website and a social media platforms.

Sustainable products, beautifully thought through, made by hand, precision tooling and individually crafted. The communication strategy that underpinned this project was very simple, all we had to do was let people know about the brilliance of Outhouse.


The project:

  • Logotype design
  • Brand foundation development
  • Stationery collateral design
  • Website design
  • Product photography
  • Background photography
  • Social Media management

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