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The Railtex brief was to refresh an existing logo that was internationally recognised, however, now looked tired and dated. We helped them to understand that the International Exhibition identity is arguably its most important attribute.The importance of having a strong, relevant symbol that visually communicated across multiple language and cultures is key to brand recognition.

Oomph carried out extensive research in order to create a symbol that carried a clear and distinctive message. We had to be sure that Railtex was investing in the creation of a clearly constructed, robust and modernised identity. The visual identity needed to be able to evolve and develop with the exhibition. The first development was the creation of the ‘First Class’ sub identity. This took on the main elements of the master brand logotype adding a secondary colour and the first class ‘official stamp’.

The subsequent design collateral, brochure, digital platforms, e-marketing, etc. captured the atmosphere, convey the excitement of the exhibition, communicate the desired information and publicise this key international event.


The project:

  • Logotype design
  • Promotional brochure design
  • Digital marketing collateral
  • Social media platform design

Infrarail & CITE

A well respected and internationally recognised exhibition, the Infrarail & CITE team required Oomph to capture the busy atmosphere, document the public speakers and the show events as they happened. In the planning meeting we created a detailed schedule in order to be able to photograph and film the key speakers on both the Infrarail & CITE platforms.

We also had to operate to a very tight time frame in editing the days ‘teaser video’ before the close of each day in order to promote the exhibition to potential visitors who had shown an interest, but had not made that particular day, in order to increase ticket sales for for the following days. The images and video were used specifically for social media purposes, promotion of exhibitors, promoting to visitors and to capture the event for future promotions.

We received exceptional feedback from the the exhibition organisers, stating we had met the brief and requirements in full, and were delighted with the speed of turnaround and high quality. All of the files were uploaded to our easily accessed custom built client area, meaning they had instant access to all of the images.

The project:

  • Event photography
  • Time lapse photography
  • Filming & video creation

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